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Luisito Celebrates Three Kings’ Day – Luisito Celebra El Dia De Los Reyes

 Author Rafael A. Osuba reads his Bilingual Children’s Christmas story about celebrating Three Kings’ Day.

Additional voices: Michelle K Osuba and Leilani Kahela-Osuba

Luisto loves going to Abuelita’s house because on cold days she prepares “leche con chocolate caliente”! He loves hot cocoa! Especially the way his Abuelita makes it! She takes a block of hard bittersweet chocolate, she says it is “Comida de Los Dioses”, Food of the Gods. Abuelita tells him that chocolate has wonderful powers, they break it up into little pieces, melt it, then add sugar and hot milk, sometimes cinnamon. However, this day was even more special for this day they would prepare for the arrival of Los Tres Reyes Magos, the Three Wise Men.

¡A Luisito le encanta ir a la casa de su abuelita, porque en los días fríos ella le prepara leche con chocolate caliente! ¡A Luisito le encanta el chocolate caliente! ¡Especialmente de la forma en que su abuelita lo hace! Toma un bloque duro, de sabor agridulce, Teobroma, que significa “comida de Los Dioses “. Abuelita le dice que el chocolate tiene poderes maravillosos. Lo rompe en pedacitos que muele, derrite, y luego les agrega leche caliente, azúcar y, a veces, canela. Sin embargo, este día es aún más especial porque se preparan para la llegada de Los Tres Reyes Magos. 

About the Book: PAPERBACK: 20 PAGES

AUTHOR: Rafael A. Osuba ILLUSTRATOR: Miguel Gomez Andrea (GOL)



ISBN-10: 0998174904 ISBN-13: 978-0998174907

TEXT COPYRIGHT – 2004 – DISTRIBUTION: ASP BOOKS Each book is made by hand by it’s author.
The video was produced and edited by Rafael A. Osuba. Each year Rafael and ASP Books produces a Free community holiday cultural event inspired by this story – La Chocolatada de Luisito – Luisitos Chocolatada
A “chocolatada” is a social event in which chocolate, (in this case hot chocolate) becomes the reason for the meeting. It is usually a festive meeting with a commemorative or celebration character. In this case Luisito celebrates Three Kings’ Day and his favorite drink is hot chocolate.

CHOCOLATADA: Una chocolatada es un evento social en el que la ingesta de chocolate se convierte en razón de la reunión. Suele tratarse de una reunión festiva con carácter conmemorativo o de celebración. En este caso Luisito Celebra El Día de Los Reyes Magos y su bebida favorita es chocolate caliente.
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