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Bajo la luna de limón


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Paperback: 9781880000915

Hardcover: 9781880000908


Parents’ Choice Silver Award
Parents’ Choice Foundation

Honor Book Award
Society of School Librarians International

Guided Reading:


Interest Level:

Grades 1 – 3

Reading Level:

Grades 2 – 3


Sharing & Giving, Neighbors, Latino/Hispanic/Mexican Interest, Forgiveness, Childhood Experiences and Memories, Conflict resolution, Empathy/Compassion, Environment/Nature, Farming, Food, Friendship, Kindness/Caring, Mexico, Mystery, Poverty, Realistic Fiction, Self Control/Self Regulation

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By Edith Hope Fine
Illustrated by René King Moreno

When she and her pet hen, Blanca, investigate, they see a man leaving with a large sack-full of fruit from Rosalinda’s beloved lemon tree.

After consulting with family and neighbors about how to save her sick tree, Rosalinda sets out in search of La Anciana, the Old One, the only person who might have a solution to Rosalinda’s predicament. When she finally meets La Anciana, the old woman offers an inventive way for Rosalinda to help her tree–and the Night Man who was driven to steal her lemons.


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